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New Club Penguin Test Server!

Hey Club Penguin Fans,

Club Penguin has added a new test server!

First just sign into your penguin & pick any server. once you logged into a sever just type in any word and a spell check will pop up.

Pretty neat huh?



Club Penguin- EPF message from the Director

Today,while I was on club penguin,I had checked my EPF phone,because someone might have sent a message,because they have been sending message all week without the flashing blue light telling us we have one,and I was right!I had gotten another message,from the director,talking about how theere will be no more messages about the operation,Check it out.

It reads: To ensure security, there will be no further messages. We are radio silent. Be resourceful. Be remarkable. Be ready.

I can’t wait for this operation! I really think this will be awesome!

What do you think about this operation? Tell us in the comments below!


Club Penguin-Free Green Jacket Code!

Today,I was waddling around YouTube,and found a little code that give you a free green jacket! Works for members and non-members! The green jacket I’m talking about is the one from Series 7 Treasure book.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about,take a look at this image.

To get that jacket,enter the following code in the I have a code section. D23EXP11,Now just click redeem,to get this awesome jacket.

Now,Just login Club Penguin and put this awesome jacket on!

So,What do you think about club penguin making this code? Tell us in the comments below!


Club Penguin-EPF Message from the Director

Today,I was re-designing my style,and my spy phone was blue,so I checked my messages right away. It was from the director again,In this message,he tells us that operation hibernation is dangerous,and those who are willing to take the challenge should report to the EPF HQ on August 25th,Probably meaning August 24th.

Anyways,Here’s the message.

It reads:

This is a highly dangerous mission. Those who are willing, report to the Command Room on Aug 25 for Operation: Hibernation.

Well,I know I’m going to report to the command room,I love missions/operations!

So,What do you think about this message? Comment Below!


Club Penguin-EPF Message from the Director

Recently,I checked my messages again,after finding that that Club Penguin was not giving anyone the blue light,and again,I found another message! In this message he stated he have a very narrow opportunity,to catch Herbert,So we must sneak in now. Here’s the message.

It Reads:

ORDERS: We have a very narrow opportunity. We need a team to sneak past Herbert’s security systems, and capture him before he wakes up.

Of course,He sends us a message with orders,and the party is not up yet. Well,That just made this mission harder.Well,What do you think of this message? Tell us in the comments below!


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